Besil 9338 good dielectric,low stress RTV silicones sealant

Flowable, one-part, silicones sealant.

Physical Form

  • cure to flexible elastomers

Special Properties

  • Room-temperature curing;
  • Resist humidity and other harsh environments;
  • good dielectric properties;  self-priming adhesion;
  • low stress;
  • BESIL 9338 is a one-component, fast skin-curing, non-corrosive silicone adhesive sealant that cures on exposure by moisture to form an elastic silicone rubber.
  • BESIL 9338 has excellent corrosion-free adhesion to metals, including copper, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc, without the use of primers.
  • Excellent high and low temperature resistance: from –60℃to 260℃.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, resistant to moisture, dirt and other atmospheric components.
  • Reduce mechanical, thermal shock and vibration caused by mechanical stress and tension.
  • Simple and easy-to-use one-component system. Non-stick hand, a shorter time     In between -60-260 ℃ stable mechanical and electrical properties
  • Excellent outdoor aging, the service life of up to 20-30 years
Items Method Unit Value
Before cured
Color Visual inspection transparent
Viscosity(cp) GB/T 2794-2013 25℃, mPa·s 30000 ± 5000
Specific Gravity GB/T 15223-1994 25℃, g/cm3 1.02±0.02
Tack-free GB/T13477.5-2002 25℃, 55%RH,min 3-5
After cured
 Hardness  GB/T 531-2008  Shore A  22 ± 3
Thermal Conductivity GB/T 10297-1998 W/m.K 0.27
  • LED lamps sealed, plastic metal shell sealing;
  • PCB board components, wiring harness fixed.
  • Electronic accessories
  • Communications equipment coating

How to apply

Apply a bead of Besil 9338 Adhesive/Sealant (see Handling Precautions) to one of the prepared surfaces, then quickly cover with the other substrate to be bonded.

  • On exposure to moisture, the freshly applied material will “skin-over” in about 3-5 minutes at room temperature and 50% relative humidity. Any tooling should be completed before this skin forms. The surface is easily tooled with a spatula. The adhesive/sealant will be tack-free in approximately 10 minutes.

Cure time

After skin formation时 cure continues inward from the surface. In 24 hours (at room temperature and 55% relative humidity) Besil 9338 Adhesive/Sealant will cure to a depthof about 3~4mm. Very deep sections, especially when access to atmospheric moisture is restricted, will take longer to cure completely. Cure time is extended at lower humidity levels. Before handling and packaging bonded components, users are advised to wait a sufficiently long time to ensure that the integrity of the adhesive seal is not affected. This will depend on many factors and should be determined by the user for each specific application.


When stored at or below 300C (860F) inthe original unopened containers, this product has a usable life of 12 months from the date of production.


purchase code: 0001080, 310ML/tube, 25tubes/box; 100ML/tube,100tubes/box;

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