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Besil N9339 none-flowable one-part RTV silicone sealant

RTV N 9339 Silicone adhesive sealant after curing elastomer has the following properties:

  • Excellent chemical resistance, low smell, good adhesion
  • Low volatile not more than 500ppm, no corrosion and no fog in a closed environment
  • Resistance to moisture, dirt, and other atmospheric components
  • Relieve mechanical stress and tension caused by mechanical, thermal shock and vibration
  • Excellent outdoor aging, service life can reach 20-30 years
  • Stable mechanical and electrical properties between -60 and 300℃

Product description

RTV N 9339 dealcoholized silicone adhesive sealant is a neutral silicone sealing material that absorbs moisture in the air and cures at room temperature.

It is non-corrosive to materials, and has good adhesion and sealing performance to most plastics and metals, and protects electronic products under severe conditions in a stable state.

Test items Test standard Unit N 9339
Features before curing
Color Visual White / black Gray-black
Viscosity GB/T 2794-2013 25℃, mPa·s Paste Paste
Density GB/T 15223-1994 25℃, g/cm3 1.43±0.03 1.23±0.05
Tack-free time GB/T13477.5-2002 25℃, 55%RH,min 15 ± 5 15 ± 5
Features after curing Curing at room temperature
Hardness GB/T 531-2008 Shore A 40 ± 5 35 ± 5
Thermal Conductivity GB/T 10297-1998 W/m.K 0.35 0.3
Elongation at break GB/T 528-2009 % 400% 350%
Tensile strength GB/T 528-2009 Mpa 2.8±0.3 2.6±0.3
Shear strength GB/T 7124-2008 Mpa, Fe/Fe 2.3±0.3 2.2±0.3
Compression deformation rate GB/T 1695-2005 kV/mm(25℃) >18 >18
Dielectric strength GB/T 1693-2007 (1MHz) (25℃) 0.09 0.09
Loss factor GB/T 1693-2007 (1MHz) (25℃) 2.9 2.9
Dielectric constant GB/T 1692-92 (DC500V) Ω· cm 2.00E +14 2.00E +14

Application field

  • Household electric iron, microwave oven, induction cooker
  • Automobile lamps, LED bulb lamp, T – shaped lamp
  • PCB components are firmly bonded and sealed
  • Construction machinery sealant, LCM border seal

Operation process

  • Surface treatment: clean the bonded surface, clean and remove rust, dust and oil stains with cleaning agent. Can be used for a variety of materials, such as: glass, metal and most commonly used industrial plastics, to achieve bottomless coating bonding. However, some polymers may be less cohesive, such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE. It is recommended to use PM1200 for primer in advance to obtain good bonding effect.
  • Sizing: cut the glue nozzle to the required size and load the glue gun. Squeeze the glue onto the cleaned surface so that it is evenly distributed. For bonding, the adhesive surface can be closed and fixed. At room temperature and 55% relative humidity, the glue exposed to air will finish “crusting” in about 15 minutes. Therefore, all processing must be done before crusting.
  • Curing: After crusting is completed, curing will continue from the inside out. The curing depth is approximately 3mm within 24 hours (room temperature, 50% relative humidity). Very deep sections, especially those with difficult contact with water vapor in the air, will require longer curing times. The lower the relative humidity the longer the curing time. The coated parts can be put into use after curing at room temperature for 24 hours.
  • Note: after opening, it should be used up once or not. When it is used again, it should continue to be used after squeezing out the solidified part, without affecting the normal use.
  • Please consult BEGINOR market department for the use of dispensing equipment.

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